Old Blind Dogs

Today’s new rule: There are some words that contain a “d” in one dictionary and a “t” in another. It depends on who writes the dictionary and what the trend is at the time.

Ha! (which means “Yes!”) We’re learning a more interesting rules and words and it’s wonderful. I love every brain wrinkling minute.

By the way, I don’t know if I mentioned it, but while the Gaelic classes are happening, there are also vocal and fiddle classes.

Tomorrow they will perform. I’m really looking forward to hearing them. What I’m kind of excited about and kind of dreading is that our little Level I class is also going to sing a song in Gale (Gaelic.) It’s a Puirt.

If you’re an Outlander fan you may remember the scene where Clair urinates in a bucket and then the ladies dipped the cloth they were working in the pee. They sang a song while stretching the fabric. That song is called a Puirt. It helps them keep the rhythm. But trust me, there will be no buckets of pee or stretching of cloth—unless it’s me nervously pulling on my sleeve or something.

Speaking of music, tonight we had a concert by Old Blind Dogs. They were fantastic. I’d love to insert a you tube video but those things are rarely good. So instead I added a link to their website. They are Celtic music at it’s finest. If you like reels, or sad Gaelic songs, check them out!


And because I stayed out late I’m going to end here.

Oidhche Mhath