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304, 2018

Old Blind Dogs

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Old Blind Dogs Today’s new rule: There are some words that contain a “d” in one dictionary and a “t” in another. It depends on who writes the dictionary and what the trend is at the time. Ha! (which means

204, 2018

A Taste of Gaelic

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Blas Den Ghaidhlig (A Taste of Gaelic)  Last night we had a meet and greet wine welcome. There are eleven of us in Level One. Most of us sat together commiserating on how nervous we were about class. United in

104, 2018

Time to Breathe

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I made it to Skye! I’m in my little dorm room and in a couple of hours I’ll meet the rest of the people attending classes here. Excitement has built over the months, weeks, and days as time neared for

203, 2018

Everything is New!

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  It’s the first day of March. Spring is on its way. Soon the ski season will come to a close, the snow will melt, and wildflowers will blanket the mountain side. And,  just as mother nature is making way

2602, 2018


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A fierce dragon with a taste for fairies. He was captured after the horrible massacre at the Fairy Harvest Festival stripped of his magic, changed to human form, and banished to the human world.

2602, 2018

Dark Harvester

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Unfortunate creatures who are forced or stumble into the bog of the black fog. They lose soul to the bog and in exchange they are given the power to harvest another being’s magic. Dark Harvesters steal the magic of others

2602, 2018


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A spiritual parasite that enters the body of an unsuspecting creature and invokes feelings to suit its pleasure. Often it feeds off feelings of doubt. It is also known to invoke hate and is also known as the spirit of

1911, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Although we've had a dusting of snow, we are waiting for Mother Nature to do her thing and dump loads of the white stuff. It looks like the ski area opening will be delayed but we know it will eventually