Dolly & Angus Steal the Blog!

Dolly and Angus MacAngus here. We’re taking over Mary’s Blog today!

We knew we’d made the right decision to come to the US as soon as we saw the wee American writer. All we had to do is give “the look” and Mary was hooked. She couldn’t help but bring us home with her.

And now we’re in Texas!

Poor Angus is still trying to wrap his wee brain around the culture here. Did you know that in Texas it’s illegal to shoot a buffalo from the second story window of a hotel? So many questions. Like are there issues with people shooting buffalos from the second story windows of hotels?

Ah, but we’re here to talk about the Romance Writers of America conference in New York City. When we learnt that Mary was off to New York, I says to Angus, “We have to go. It might be our only chance to see the bright lights of the big city.”

It was amazing!

We attended workshops in the day and did what Mary calls “networking in the bar” at night. That was when the real fun began. So many writers. So much fun. So much single malt scotch!

We can’t divulge the details of what went down, but there are pictures.

Mary wouldn’t have survived her signing if we hadn’t brought people to her table. It just took our big eyes to draw them in.

It was a fantastic trip and our first year here in the US has been wonderful. Full of friendly faces. Now we’re off to the highlands for a wee visit. Maybe we can convince Mary to increase the herd.

Just one more questionable Texas law before we hit the road. Did you know in Texas it’s illegal to milk another person’s cow? 

Until next time,

Angus & Dolly