Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Although we’ve had a dusting of snow, we are waiting for Mother Nature to do her thing and dump loads of the white stuff. It looks like the ski area opening will be delayed but we know it will eventually come. It always does.

Last month I mentioned my hot chocolate obsession. It’s out of control! But if you are interested in joining me in this delicious decadence here’s my special recipe.

  • 1cup ¬†organic whole milk with DHA Omega 3
  • 2 HEAPING tablespoons of Nestles Quick
  • Mini marshmallows – enough to cover the top of your mug
  • Whipped cream
  • Baileys Irish Cream – 1 ounce (If it’s been a stressful day 2)

Pour milk in microwave proof mug or measuring cup. Zap 1 minute. Add quick. Stir. Zap 1 minute. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART:

Pour heated chocolate/milk mixture in a mug. Add Baileys. Cover the top with mini marshmallows, Drizzle a little more Baileys on top. Cover with whipped cream. Drizzle a little more Baileys on top.




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Here’s wishing you all a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving. Please pray for all of the snow to be sent to Taos Ski Valley. And if you haven’t asked here, check us out. We not only offer world class skiing, we are making improvements every year. This year we have a new Kids center. It is AMAZING.